24. Dezember 2011

Remixers United 2

01 If You Forget Me (Inco Letters From The Future Remix)    3:51
02 Borderline (New Puzzle Remix)    6:38
03 Lucky Star (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)    5:41
04 Holiday (New Puzzle Remix)    6:35
05 Like A Virgin (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)    3:46
06 Can't Stop (Donny's Runaway Love Mix)    5:38
07 Spanish Eyes (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)    7:17
08 Till Death Do Us Part (Donny's Holy Union Mix)    5:50
09 Vogue (CoSmiK's 2012 Remix)    6:14
10 Rain (Lukesavant Retrofit Vol 3 Mix)    6:38
11 Secret (Donny's Keeping Quiet Mix)    7:18
12 Bedtime Stories (Donny's Fairytale Mix)    6:31
13 Ray Of Light (Modern Mix)    8:18
14 Be Careful WIth My Heart (CoSmiK's Trance Main Mix)    5:16
15 What It Feels Like For A Girl (Donny's Feeling Chilly Mix)    6:54
16 Mother And Father (Lukesavant Retrofit Vol 4 Mix)    5:06
17 X-Static Process (Dubtronic Synth Pop Remix)    7:08
18 She's Not Me (Dikkie's Rolling Stolen Christmas Mix)    4:48
19 Revolver (Dikkie's Aim & Fire Mix)    3:33
20 Santa Baby (Donny's Elf Mix)    4:23

including the artwork by Wiliiam

X-Static Process (Dubtronic Synth Pop Remix) 

Spanish Eyes (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)

 Like A Virgin (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)


 Lucky Star (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)



I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year!
Here's a little present , a preview of my forthcoming Masterpiece Remix:

9. Dezember 2011

Remixers United (Dubtronic Previews)

Here are the previews for my mixes I made for the Remixers United II

X-Static Process (Dubtronic Synth Pop Remix)
Spanish Eyes (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)
Lucky Star (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)

Remixers United will be released on Dezember 25th. You can listen to the previews of almost all the remixes here:

 1. If You Forget Me (Inco Letters From The Future) 
2. Lucky Star (Dubtronic Acoustic Version) 
3. Holiday (New Puzzle Remix) 
4. Can't Stop (Donny's Runaway Love Mix) 
5. Spanish Eyes (Dubtronic Reconstruction 2011 Mix) 
6. Till Death Do Us Part (Donny's Holy Union Mix) 
7. Vogue (CoSmiK's 2012 Remix) 
8. Rain (Lukesavant Retrofit Vol 3 Mix) 
9. Ray Of Light (Modern Mix) 
10. Be Careful With My Heart (CoSmiK's Trance Main Mix) 
11. What It Feels Like For A Girl (Donny's Feeling Chilly Mix) 
12. Mother & Father (Lukesavant Retrofit Vol 4 Mix) 
13. X-Static Process (Dubtronic Synth Pop Remix) 
14. She's Not Me (Dikkie's Christmas Mix) 
15. Revolver (Dikkie's Aim & Fire Mix) 
16. Santa Baby (Donny's Elf Mix)
17. Borderline (New Puzzle Remix)

    Upcoming album: Remixers United 2 by DonnyO

22. November 2011

Acoustic Preview


I made these three tracks for my friend William, who always delivers the beautiful covers for my mixes :) Tried to make 3 acoustic sounding mixes:

Easy Ride (no beats, but strings and guitar)
Rain and In This Life (sounding a bit like a live version with acoustic instruments and an orchestra)

 Right now thy're being mastered :)

29. Oktober 2011

Dubtronic Setmix by Julio Skov 23:45


 Thank you for mixing, Julio, and Twenty5&More for the Artwork!

10. September 2011


Here are some mixes I'm working on right now... The next mix I'll finish and release is definatley She's Not Me, but tell me, which of these should be next ?

You'll See or Something To Remember ?

29. August 2011

The Look Of Love Preview

Since so many are waiting for this mix, here's a little preview. But beware, I'm still working on this mix, this is a demo version :)

28. August 2011

27. August 2011

Full Promise To Try Preview

Here is the full preview, sent the track to master !

and Inco made a little Interview with me about that mix, you can read it here

23. August 2011

Who's That Girl Remix Video by GUS VJ MEZA

Just discovered the amazing Who's That Girl Remix video by GUS VJ MEZA! Love it! Thank you!

26. Juli 2011

Björk - Cosmogony (Dubtronic Version)

  Björk - Cosmogony (Dubtronic Version) by Dubtronic

Here's a remix i just finished, this time it's from Björks latest single Cosmogony ! Hope you like it !


2. Juli 2011

Hung Up (Dubtronic Remix Demo)

Here's a little demo for you. I accidentally lost the whole file, so there will never be a final version of this one... And I have to admit it's really not my remix-style. I tried to make a dance-trance version while exploring Logic :) The trance synths are definately too simple and so cheesy, think the whole mix is kind of bland. But I thought: Why not share it anyway????


25. Juni 2011

Nobody Knows Me (Dubtronic Closer To The Sky Remix)

so, here it is, finally :)


Mailliw: Thank you for the Perfect Cover
ADRC : Thank you for the filtered Acapella
Donny : Thanx for listening to my mixes and giving me useful feedback :)
I love you guys :)

11. Juni 2011

Nobody Knows Me Remix Preview

Here's a preview clip of my latest work, an unfisnished mix of Nobody Knows Me :)

1. Juni 2011

Forbidden Love (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)


thank you for the cover, mailliw! And to all my friends who listen to the mixes in all the development stages :)

9. Mai 2011

Preview: Forbidden Love (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)

Here's a unfinished preview of one of my latest mixes, it's an updated, extended reconstruction of the original. I'm going to release the mix when I'm back from my holiday (beginning of june)

UPDATED ! This file is higher quality:

3. Mai 2011

Get Together (Dubtronic Awakening Remix)

Mailliw, the creator of most of my covers, asked me to do this mix with a instrumental he likes. It's not perfect, but perhaps you'll like it anyway :)


25. April 2011

Get Together (Dubtronic Love At First Sight Remix)


I had that instrumental for years and always thought, this would make a good Get Together remix. Now, after the leak of the acapella, I was finally able to finish it. Added some synths here and there and voila!

Hope you like it !

thanx for the cover, mailliw :)

21. April 2011

Get Together Preview

finally I'm able to complete the Get Together remix ..... Here's a preview:

16. April 2011


including the full artwork and all the mixes:


thank you Donny for your effort in organising this project,
the mixers for the fantastic mixes and mailliw for the great cover!

You can download my mixes individually in the posts with the videos :)

13. April 2011

Borderline (Dubtronic Lose My Mind Remix)



The third mix for "Remixers United", the mix I'm most proud of....

10. April 2011

Remixers United

covers by the great mailliw!

2. April 2011

Preview 2

Yeah, you were right. the instrumental is "I Know It"! I'm working on "Stay" and "Borderline" as well and I can't wait to share them with you. .. So, here is Preview 2, featuring clips from I Know It, Stay and Borderline. Note: These are unfinished tracks, things may change :) Hope you are going to like them:

28. März 2011


This is an instrumental part of a remix I'm working on.... Perhaps you know which song it is ????

2. Februar 2011

Like It Or Not (Dubtronic Retrotrance Remix)

cover by mailliw


    cover by Felipe Mendes

25. Januar 2011

Preview: Like It Or Not (Dubtronic Retrotrance Remix)

A new remix I'm currently working on. For the third time I did the production & arrangement...
I have some problems of mastering the mix but I hope to be finished soon.
Btw, If anyone has a clean acapella, please help me out :) For my taste you can still hear too much background music :)

here's a LQ preview:

13. Januar 2011

Frozen (Dubtronic Dark Step Remix 2011)

cover by Felipe Mendes, thank you very much!

Here's another Frozen mix I just finished. It's the second mix I made all by myself, the music, the arrangement, the production. This is not a dance mix, it's more a downtempo mix with a dark, haunting feeling. I'm quite proud of it, hope you'll like it too....


The Power Of Goodbye (Inco & Dubtronic Greater Power Remix)

Inco asked me to help finishing a remix idea, and here it is:


5. Januar 2011

Preview: Frozen (Dubtronic Dark Step Remix 2011)

I am currently working on this mix, the second I made all by myself - the music, the arrangement, the production! Here's a clip....