25. Januar 2011

Preview: Like It Or Not (Dubtronic Retrotrance Remix)

A new remix I'm currently working on. For the third time I did the production & arrangement...
I have some problems of mastering the mix but I hope to be finished soon.
Btw, If anyone has a clean acapella, please help me out :) For my taste you can still hear too much background music :)

here's a LQ preview:

13. Januar 2011

Frozen (Dubtronic Dark Step Remix 2011)

cover by Felipe Mendes, thank you very much!

Here's another Frozen mix I just finished. It's the second mix I made all by myself, the music, the arrangement, the production. This is not a dance mix, it's more a downtempo mix with a dark, haunting feeling. I'm quite proud of it, hope you'll like it too....


The Power Of Goodbye (Inco & Dubtronic Greater Power Remix)

Inco asked me to help finishing a remix idea, and here it is:


5. Januar 2011

Preview: Frozen (Dubtronic Dark Step Remix 2011)

I am currently working on this mix, the second I made all by myself - the music, the arrangement, the production! Here's a clip....