24. Januar 2010

Pretender (Dubtronic Hypocrite Remix)

Thanx for the Cover, Mailliw! And for the filtered acapella, ADRC!


23. Januar 2010

Across The Sky (Dubtronic Extended Version)

Tried to extend it the way I extended the whole Hard Candy album:


13. Januar 2010

Vogue (Dubtronic First Move Remix)

  • I just finished my own Vogue remix! Artwork by the great mailliw

12. Januar 2010

Lucky Star (Dubtronic vs ADRC Neon Lights Remix)

  • ADRC had this idea last year while he was a bit drunk. A couple of months ago he sent it to me, and we worked on it, he cleaned the acapella, I tried to make a mix of it :) And now it's here, one of my best mixes so far :)

Even better, DJ Flange has done his magic and made a really great video. and mailliw did a beautiful cover!

Big big thanks to all of you for you hard work :)

The Video


6. Januar 2010

Vogue (Bradley & Dubtronic Elektrofied Remix)

Bradley asked me to make a dream come true. And I did ..... I helped him to make this remix :)

    Vogue (Bradley & Dubtronic Electrofied Remix)

    Vogue (Bradley & Dubtronic Dub)