25. Januar 2011

Preview: Like It Or Not (Dubtronic Retrotrance Remix)

A new remix I'm currently working on. For the third time I did the production & arrangement...
I have some problems of mastering the mix but I hope to be finished soon.
Btw, If anyone has a clean acapella, please help me out :) For my taste you can still hear too much background music :)

here's a LQ preview:

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MPAP hat gesagt…

Hello Dubtronic !

We are glad that you keep working on new remixes, you know that we love your remixes.

You're right, you can still hear too much background music of "like it or not", although the idea seems pretty good. We've long been trying to get a good acapella of the track but, apparently, it's impossible.

If for some reason we found one, we send to your email.

If we are dropping down to a suggestion to remix the track "Like it or not", we have to say that the song "uprising" from the MUSE group, is an excellent combination of rhythm and tone to be remixed with Madonna's song.

Best wishes,