28. September 2012

Oh Father (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2012)

thanks to gamepat for the filtered acapella, mailliw for the beautiful cover and http://www.masteringmastering.co.uk/  for the master !!!

Listen to the instrumental:

DOWNLOAD Full Version



26. September 2012

Compilation: Dubtronic Mixes I & II

these are all selfmade mixes (sometimes with the help of a midi), not mash up's like the older mixes i've done.... They should fit on a cd...

Madonna - Dubtronic Mixes I

Frozen (Dubtronic Dark Step Remix 2011)
Spanish Eyes (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)
Girl Gone Wild (Dubtronic Tanqueray Remix)
The Look of Love (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)
Like A Virgin (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)
Who's That Girl (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)
Promise To Try (Dubtronic Kiss Her Goodbye Remix)
Like It Or Not (Dubtronic Retrotrance Remix)
Something To Remember (Dubtronic Love Yourself Remix)
I Know It (Dubtronic Take Your Love And Run Remix)
Turn Up The Radio (Dubtronic Distantz Light Remix)
Rain (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)
Think Of Me (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix)


Madonna - Dubtronic Mixes II

Lucky Star (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)
She's Not Me (Dubtronic Devoted For Life Remix)
Masterpiece (Dubtronic Magnum Opus Remix)
Forbidden Love (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)
Stay (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)
Borderline (Dubtronic Lose My Mind Remix)
Easy Ride (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)
Give Me All Your Love (Dubtronic Demo Chamber Remix)
X-Static Process (Dubtronic Synth Pop Remix)
Voices (Dubtronic Distant Echo Remix)
In This Life (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)


24. September 2012

Oh Father (Dubtronic Demo)

Here's the demo of my oh father mix:

19. September 2012


So, here are the definitive results!

Oh Father has won ! Next is Nothing Fails, and then Can't Stop!

I am already working on Oh Father !

14. September 2012


So, here are the results:

So, Sorry is out... I have the 3 rough demos for you to listen and then  please vote again !



12. September 2012

What song should I remix next ????

While extending the MDNA album, I really like to remix a song as well... Poll is ending on Friday!

10. September 2012

How to download from speedyshare:

Just klick on the name of the mix/track! It should download automatically.
"Right-click-and-save-as"  works as well.