9. Dezember 2011

Remixers United (Dubtronic Previews)

Here are the previews for my mixes I made for the Remixers United II

X-Static Process (Dubtronic Synth Pop Remix)
Spanish Eyes (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)
Lucky Star (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)

Remixers United will be released on Dezember 25th. You can listen to the previews of almost all the remixes here:

 1. If You Forget Me (Inco Letters From The Future) 
2. Lucky Star (Dubtronic Acoustic Version) 
3. Holiday (New Puzzle Remix) 
4. Can't Stop (Donny's Runaway Love Mix) 
5. Spanish Eyes (Dubtronic Reconstruction 2011 Mix) 
6. Till Death Do Us Part (Donny's Holy Union Mix) 
7. Vogue (CoSmiK's 2012 Remix) 
8. Rain (Lukesavant Retrofit Vol 3 Mix) 
9. Ray Of Light (Modern Mix) 
10. Be Careful With My Heart (CoSmiK's Trance Main Mix) 
11. What It Feels Like For A Girl (Donny's Feeling Chilly Mix) 
12. Mother & Father (Lukesavant Retrofit Vol 4 Mix) 
13. X-Static Process (Dubtronic Synth Pop Remix) 
14. She's Not Me (Dikkie's Christmas Mix) 
15. Revolver (Dikkie's Aim & Fire Mix) 
16. Santa Baby (Donny's Elf Mix)
17. Borderline (New Puzzle Remix)

    Upcoming album: Remixers United 2 by DonnyO

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