3. Mai 2011

Get Together (Dubtronic Awakening Remix)

Mailliw, the creator of most of my covers, asked me to do this mix with a instrumental he likes. It's not perfect, but perhaps you'll like it anyway :)


Kommentare :

Rabbitbunny hat gesagt…

Get Together-The best Song of Friendship Madonna has ever done. Hey Madge I with Get Together with you one day! I Love You!

Rabbitbunny hat gesagt…

Get Together is a brilliant Zeroes artwork from Miss Ciccone! Only Madonna has grasped, reached and understood the concept and connection between artist and audience. What Madonna is conveying here, friends-is a hopeful and beautiful message of love and transcendence. She cries happily-yet with a touch of sadness "Can we get together/I really want to be with you...Do you believe in love at first sight so we can change the future?...If it's bitter at the Start, then it's sweeter in the End!" Yes, Madonna is Detroit's Savior because she brings hope in hard times. Through her Music, she has made the world feel better through her Ray of Light. She's a Superstar! Yes, I do want to Get Together with Her! Madonna-A Class Act all the way!