28. August 2011

Promise To Try (Dubtronic Kiss Her Goodbye Remix)

thanx mailliw for the cover and adrc for the filterpella!

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Rabbitbunny hat gesagt…

Promise to Try is a beautiful and sad ballad about grievance, loss and sadness and the singer who writes, sings and above all cries the song-Her Name is Madonna. We al know Promise to Try is heartfelt and sad-the way Madonna cries the tagline hook "Can't kiss her goodbye but I Promise to Try is indeed moving and heartbreaking but Miss Madge Ciccone makes it work by sheer force of will. Madonna/Evita will never forget her mother because that Fighting Spirit Madonna Senior gave Nonnie Evita is inside of the Material Girl. And so it is-Promise to Try is the most beautiful song of the English language an this lovely ballad hapens to be Ranked at #40 out of the Top 50 Madonna Songs of All Time. In the End, I will never forget Promise to Try-the best song from her halcyon Eighties Shakespeare period. Madonna Forever!