25. April 2011

Get Together (Dubtronic Love At First Sight Remix)


I had that instrumental for years and always thought, this would make a good Get Together remix. Now, after the leak of the acapella, I was finally able to finish it. Added some synths here and there and voila!

Hope you like it !

thanx for the cover, mailliw :)

21. April 2011

Get Together Preview

finally I'm able to complete the Get Together remix ..... Here's a preview:

16. April 2011


including the full artwork and all the mixes:


thank you Donny for your effort in organising this project,
the mixers for the fantastic mixes and mailliw for the great cover!

You can download my mixes individually in the posts with the videos :)

13. April 2011

Borderline (Dubtronic Lose My Mind Remix)



The third mix for "Remixers United", the mix I'm most proud of....

10. April 2011

Remixers United

covers by the great mailliw!

2. April 2011

Preview 2

Yeah, you were right. the instrumental is "I Know It"! I'm working on "Stay" and "Borderline" as well and I can't wait to share them with you. .. So, here is Preview 2, featuring clips from I Know It, Stay and Borderline. Note: These are unfinished tracks, things may change :) Hope you are going to like them: