24. Dezember 2011

Remixers United 2

01 If You Forget Me (Inco Letters From The Future Remix)    3:51
02 Borderline (New Puzzle Remix)    6:38
03 Lucky Star (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)    5:41
04 Holiday (New Puzzle Remix)    6:35
05 Like A Virgin (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)    3:46
06 Can't Stop (Donny's Runaway Love Mix)    5:38
07 Spanish Eyes (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)    7:17
08 Till Death Do Us Part (Donny's Holy Union Mix)    5:50
09 Vogue (CoSmiK's 2012 Remix)    6:14
10 Rain (Lukesavant Retrofit Vol 3 Mix)    6:38
11 Secret (Donny's Keeping Quiet Mix)    7:18
12 Bedtime Stories (Donny's Fairytale Mix)    6:31
13 Ray Of Light (Modern Mix)    8:18
14 Be Careful WIth My Heart (CoSmiK's Trance Main Mix)    5:16
15 What It Feels Like For A Girl (Donny's Feeling Chilly Mix)    6:54
16 Mother And Father (Lukesavant Retrofit Vol 4 Mix)    5:06
17 X-Static Process (Dubtronic Synth Pop Remix)    7:08
18 She's Not Me (Dikkie's Rolling Stolen Christmas Mix)    4:48
19 Revolver (Dikkie's Aim & Fire Mix)    3:33
20 Santa Baby (Donny's Elf Mix)    4:23

including the artwork by Wiliiam

X-Static Process (Dubtronic Synth Pop Remix) 

Spanish Eyes (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)

 Like A Virgin (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)


 Lucky Star (Dubtronic Acoustic Version)


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Anonym hat gesagt…

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and other links of this post

your site is good

dubtronic hat gesagt…

they work for me .....

Rabbitbunny hat gesagt…

FINALLY! A stripped-down more 'organic' version of Lucky Star that sounds a whole lot better than previous versions I've heard. Hopefully, Madonna is confident enough to let her songs breathe and stand on their own, to paraphrase I'll Remember. I hope and wish she'd do that more often! Good job Madge!

Rabbitbunny hat gesagt…

Madonna is a lot more convincing as a guitarist than as a keyboard player! Like a Virgin is better on guitar than it is on piano! Better luck next time!

Rabbitbunny hat gesagt…

Spanish Eyes-Evita Prelude #3-A sad and beautiful Ciccone/Peron/Simpson ballad about the disappeared, the unexplained and the unfathomable-Madonna lighting beautiful candles for the lost, hard-hit and forgotten Best Friends who Live to Tell about their Harrowing Experience. After all this time, Lady Madonna is still a Ray of Light!

Rabbitbunny hat gesagt…

X-Static Process-Love this Madonna tune! Has a U2'esque flavor at times. It would easily fit on three of their limerick old glory Masterpieces-The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby and All That You Can't Leave Behind. What Madonna and Bono both have in common is an existential Holy Spirit of Sadness and Fire-they lost both their mothers at a young age! Hands down the best song from American Life. A work of brilliant Ciccone Michigan art, this one.