25. Juni 2011

Nobody Knows Me (Dubtronic Closer To The Sky Remix)

so, here it is, finally :)


Mailliw: Thank you for the Perfect Cover
ADRC : Thank you for the filtered Acapella
Donny : Thanx for listening to my mixes and giving me useful feedback :)
I love you guys :)

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Rabbitbunny hat gesagt…

Nobody Knows Me could just as well be the story of Madonna's life. She begins to cry "I've Had So Many Lives/Since I Was a Child/And I Realize/How Many Times I've Died (Inside!)/Nobody Knows Me!" Clearly, Madonna sang and wrote this sad Rocker from Her Own Experience and Life. She may be sad but there's still hope for the Material Mom-Madonna will Find a Way to better and improve her life. A brilliant live performance I saw during the Reinvention Tour. I Love This Song! Madonna Forever!