15. Dezember 2010

Spotlight (Dubtronic Wants To Shine Remix)

so, here is the second remix from my preview poll! Hope you like it ....
(Cover by mailliw, filtered acapella by ADRC)

  1.   DOWNLOAD: Spotlight (Dubtronic Wants To Shine Remix)
  2.   DOWNLOAD: Spotlight (Dubtronic Wants To Shine Edit)

2. Dezember 2010

Get Up (Dubtronic Get Out Of Bed Remix)

a big thank you to mailliw for the cover and adrc for the filtered acapella

Here is the winner of my poll. Hope you like it !

27. November 2010

Easy Ride (Dubtronic Extended Version)

thanx for the cover, Madonnaunusualmpap

Just discovered that I never posted this extended version on this site....


22. November 2010


I have some remixes in the works but I'm not sure if they sound good... So, it's your turn to decide which mix I should work on:

Get Up, Push, Holiday, Get Together or Spotlight????

Here's a little preview:

Frozen (Dubtronic Orchestra Version)

cover by Ale Sagatto , thank you

I made this mash-up a for someone who requested an orchestra version of Frozen and absolutely forgot about it.... So here it is:

13. Oktober 2010

Little Girl - Dubtronic Mixes

cover by Inco

  • Dubtronic Knight Moves Remix DOWNLOAD   
  •   Dubtronic MNG Orbit Remix DOWNLOAD   
  • Dubtronic Loves The 80ies Remix DOWNLOAD

10. Oktober 2010

Preview: Little Girl (Dubtronic Knight Moves Remix)

Here's another preview of one of my Little Girl mixes - note - this is not the full version!

9. Oktober 2010

Preview: Little Girl (Dubtronic MNG Orbit Remix)

here's a longer preview, video by Inco. Thanx for the remix idea, MNG!

18. September 2010

Latte (Dubtronic No Milk Edit)

Bradley asked me to cut out the Lea Pala Tute part - here is the result:

15. September 2010

4. September 2010

Infinity (Dubtronic Extended New Ending)

I was not satisfied with the ending of this Demo, so i changed it a bit .....


28. August 2010

Take A Bow (Dubtronic Lycoperdon Remix)

This time I tried to make a slow remix, totally different from my usual material... Hope you like it! thanx for the cover, Inco!


You'll See (Dubtronic Mixes)

Inco from Holidayshare made this EP, thought I'll post it here too. Get more covers here
Btw, it features a Extended Version of Veras and the Full Damaris Remix Demo


14. August 2010

4 Minutes (Dubtronic Lost In The Big City Remix)

Do you want to know more about me? Inco from holidayshare made an Interview with me!

25. Juli 2010

Holiday (Dubtronic Celebration Remixes)

Here's another Holiday Mash Up - with the Instrumental of Madonna's Celebration. I made two mixes, one with featured Celebration vocals, one only with Holiday vocals. Hope you like them! Thanks to mailliw for the covers ...

13. Juli 2010

Holiday 2010 (Dubtronic Alexander Version)

cover by mailliw

I took the Barry Harris Mashup of Gaga's Alejandro and Madonna's Holiday, tried to remove as much Gaga as possible and the result is this:

7. Juni 2010

20. Mai 2010

Test Drive

This is the compilation I was talking about in the previous post, including demo remixes of the following songs (click on the song to download).

  •   Like A Angel Passing Trough My Room (Dubtronic Slow Disco DEMO)
  •   You´ll See (Dubtronic Damaris DEMO Edit) 
or all in one zip file I'm sure you'll discover why they are demos.... :) Some just don't fit or the acapella just sounds too bad, some are off key or just don't sound "right" .... but you have the opportunity to discover how I'm making my remixes. All mixes are first made in a demo version and only the ones I like best will be finished and released... you can get the full artwork and some more information on holidayshare!

    Give It 2 Me (Dubtronic Neon Remix DEMO)

    cover by inco/holidayshare


    This is an unreleased Demo I made some while ago. Not perfect, that's why it was never released properly. Inco is going to release a collection of some my Demo's soon on http://holidayshare.blogspot.com/

    15. Mai 2010

    Preview: Papa Don't Preach (Dubtronic We Are In Love Remix '10)

    Right now I'm working on this remix, hope it will turn out well :)

    24. April 2010

    23. April 2010

    Live To Tell (No Drums Version)

    I made this version out of two mixes made by scaraco, thank you for these great files!

    1. April 2010

    Sanctuary (Dubtronic Silently Remix)

    Cover by mailliw, filtered acapella by ADRC, thank you guys

    29. März 2010

    Think Of Me (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix)

    thanx for the cover mailliw, and for the synthapella, ADRC

    25. Februar 2010

    6. Februar 2010

    Uploading The Videos

    Unfortunately, Youtube decided to delete my account and so a lot of my videos are lost. If a video link doesn't work, try again in the next few days, cause i'm uploading the videos again on another server ....

    24. Januar 2010

    Pretender (Dubtronic Hypocrite Remix)

    Thanx for the Cover, Mailliw! And for the filtered acapella, ADRC!


    23. Januar 2010

    Across The Sky (Dubtronic Extended Version)

    Tried to extend it the way I extended the whole Hard Candy album:


    13. Januar 2010

    Vogue (Dubtronic First Move Remix)

    • I just finished my own Vogue remix! Artwork by the great mailliw

    12. Januar 2010

    Lucky Star (Dubtronic vs ADRC Neon Lights Remix)

    • ADRC had this idea last year while he was a bit drunk. A couple of months ago he sent it to me, and we worked on it, he cleaned the acapella, I tried to make a mix of it :) And now it's here, one of my best mixes so far :)

    Even better, DJ Flange has done his magic and made a really great video. and mailliw did a beautiful cover!

    Big big thanks to all of you for you hard work :)

    The Video


    6. Januar 2010

    Vogue (Bradley & Dubtronic Elektrofied Remix)

    Bradley asked me to make a dream come true. And I did ..... I helped him to make this remix :)

      Vogue (Bradley & Dubtronic Electrofied Remix)

      Vogue (Bradley & Dubtronic Dub)