26. Januar 2016

Ghosttown (Dubtronic Mad World Remix)

Kommentare :

MPAP hat gesagt…

Fantaastic Remix and Video!! Thanks for sharing!!

Rabbitbunny hat gesagt…

It was Madonna's First entry on the Active Rock charts-and in an ideal world or a parallel universe, the song would be an ideal #1 hit chart-topper! The song's name is Ghost Town and what a brilliant song and beautiful ballad it is! In video, Madonna holds and kisses a picture of her mother and begins crying and sobbing-for obvious reasons because she believes in love and love only! In Ghost Town, Madonna loves and misses son rebel Rocco-and again, Madonna sobs and cries in sadness and tears! I love Ghost Town-it is indeed another Madonna Masterpiece! Rolling Stone called Ghost Town the best Rock song of 2015!-Madonna is the reigning queen of heartland rock!!-Ghost Town
-a brilliant and masterful Madonna performance!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Why wasn't this a no.1? Named as rock song of year in 2015 by Rolling Stone. The entire Rebel Heart era was botched by someone I'm convinced. Someone had it in for her by releasing all the demos leaked before she could properly finish the album. Another beautuful Dubtronic remix. He's / she's the best producer/remixer I've ever heard. Massively overlooked/underrated and worthy of being famous. Why he/she isn't is crazy.