26. Januar 2016

Ghosttown (Dubtronic Mad World Remix)

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MPAP hat gesagt…

Fantaastic Remix and Video!! Thanks for sharing!!

Rabbitbunny hat gesagt…

It was Madonna's First entry on the Active Rock charts-and in an ideal world or a parallel universe, the song would be an ideal #1 hit chart-topper! The song's name is Ghost Town and what a brilliant song and beautiful ballad it is! In video, Madonna holds and kisses a picture of her mother and begins crying and sobbing-for obvious reasons because she believes in love and love only! In Ghost Town, Madonna loves and misses son rebel Rocco-and again, Madonna sobs and cries in sadness and tears! I love Ghost Town-it is indeed another Madonna Masterpiece! Rolling Stone called Ghost Town the best Rock song of 2015!-Madonna is the reigning queen of heartland rock!!-Ghost Town
-a brilliant and masterful Madonna performance!