1. Juli 2013

My Remixes for Remixers United 4

I'm going to remix:

This Used To Be My Playground
Gang Bang


This will be an amazing variety of 40 new MADONNA remixes:

**CD 1** (10 tracks)
Lucky Star (Donny)
Live To Tell (DJ Taj)
Papa Don't Preach (Lukesavant)
Each Time You Break My Heart (Donny)
Vogue (Lukesavant)
This Used To Be My Playground (Dubtronic)
Erotica (Aric Wild)
Deeper & Deeper (CoSmiK)
Rain (CoSmiK)
Bad Girl (Joel Dickinson)

**CD2** (10 tracks)
Secret (Joel Dickinson)
Bedtime Story (Nick Antropov)
I'd Rather Be Your Lover (Lukesavant)
Freedom (Donny)
Let Down Your Guard (Lukesavant)
I Want You (RetroSonic)
Ray Of Light (RetroSonic)
Nothing Really Matters (New Puzzle)
Sky Fits Heaven (Lukesavant)
No Substitute For Love (Donny)

**CD3** (10 tracks)
Music (Klimis Ioannidis)
Gone (Lukesavant)
Easy Ride (New Puzzle)
American Life (DJ Cloak-n-Dagger)
Hollywood (RetroSonic)
Hung Up (CoSmiK)
Sorry (Dubtronic)
Get Together (Byron St. John)
You Thrill Me/Erotica (Klimis Ioannidis)
Voices (Nick Antropov)

**CD4** (10 tracks)
Lela Pala Tute / Latte (Lukesavant)
Infinity (Lukesavant)
Celebration (RetroSonic)
Revolver (Byron St. John)
Give Me All Your Luvin' (Byron St. John)
Masterpiece (Maxim Andreev)
Girl Gone Wild (Maxim Andreev)
Turn Up The Radio (DJ Taj)
Gang Bang (Dubtronic)
Beautiful Killer (DJ Cloak-N-Dagger)

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