28. September 2012

Oh Father (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2012)

thanks to gamepat for the filtered acapella, mailliw for the beautiful cover and http://www.masteringmastering.co.uk/  for the master !!!

Listen to the instrumental:

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Kommentare :

Rabbitbunny hat gesagt…

Devastating! What else is there to say? Oh Father is Madonna's version of Springsteen's Adam Raised a Cain, Mellencamp's The Authority Song and U2's Trip Through Your Wires in its examination of unchecked authority abuse except Madonna's Sob Ballad Story is ghostly, bone-chilling and Even Sadder Than the Real Thing. Madonna Fights Authority but Authority Always Wins and a lost and never forgotten story of abuse and betrayal. I can hear Madonna's absolute sadness in this sad concerto Detroit Ciccone ballad. Oh Father is unquestionably Madonna's most violent-and important little art movie. Evita aside, she does her best acting in this one. Too bad videos don't get Oscars. Oh Father clearly deserves it! And so do you Madonna!

Rabbitbunny hat gesagt…

Oh Father-Brilliant Sad Rock Ballad. One of Madonna's best Rabbit artworks!