12. Januar 2010

Lucky Star (Dubtronic vs ADRC Neon Lights Remix)

  • ADRC had this idea last year while he was a bit drunk. A couple of months ago he sent it to me, and we worked on it, he cleaned the acapella, I tried to make a mix of it :) And now it's here, one of my best mixes so far :)

Even better, DJ Flange has done his magic and made a really great video. and mailliw did a beautiful cover!

Big big thanks to all of you for you hard work :)

The Video


Kommentare :

Friend_Of_Esther hat gesagt…

Links for the video are offline =/

dubtronic hat gesagt…

oh, yeah, i'll upload the video on megaupload when i'm home....

Anonym hat gesagt…