20. Dezember 2009


Here is my first collection of my best mixes, including 7 unreleased ones (*), Artwork by mailliw:


Disc 1

01 X-Static Process (Dubtronic X-Static Dream Remix) *
02 Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (Dubtronic Intoxicating Remix)
03 Bedtime Story (Dubtronic Aeroplane Remix)
04 Dance 2night (Dubtronic Air Race Remix)
05 Frozen (Dubtronic Sunrise Remix)
06 Don't Tell Me (Dubtronic Odyssey Remix) *
07 Miles Away (Dubtronic Zwei Herzen Remix)
08 Paradise (Not For Me) (Dubtronic Silence Club Remix)
09 Liquid Love (Dubtronic Liquid Trance Remix) *
10 Into The Groove (Dubtronic Cosmic Disco Remix) *
11 Voices (Dubtronic Master & Slave Remix)
12 What It Feels Like For A Girl (Dubtronic Keep Believin' Remix)

Disc 2

01 Time Stood Still (Dubtronic Time Flies Remix) *
02 Power Of Goodbye (Dubtronic White Room Remix)
03 Miles Away (Dubtronic Deep Ocean Remix)
04 Physical Attraction (Dubtronic Airlight Remix) *
05 Secret (Dubtronic Comfort Dreams Remix)
06 Beat Goes On (Dubtronic Loves Light Remix)
07 Deeper And Deeper (Dubtronic San Frandisco Remix)
08 She's Not Me (Dubtronic Electric Blue Remix)
09 Isaac (Dubtronic Desert Club Remix)
10 Ray Of Light (Dubtronic Avenue Club Remix)
11 Music (Dubtronic Minimalicious Remix) *


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